I was always told that everything would start going “downhill” once I turned 40.  I get that.  And I accept that.  But what they didn’t mention was that I would be able to bend over in front of a mirror and emulate the same look you get when you hold two water balloons by their tip.  Good times.

I don’t know a single woman that can say they haven’t dreamed about the day when they can rip off their bra for good and rejoice in a free fall revolution.  They also won’t deny that taking off a bra after a long day of confinement can sometimes be better than the best sex they’ve ever had (you know I’m right).

As if it’s not challenging enough to deal with these undisciplined mounds of sagginess, it can also be equally as frustrating to be left out of fashion trends because you can’t find the right support. In case you I haven’t noticed, I am addicted to cold shoulder tops.  I can’t get enough of them because they’re classy, sexy, comfortable and most importantly, they allow plenty of room for the girls.

It has taken me years to find a strapless bra that not only stays in place, but also provides the right amount of support AND coverage so you can enjoy those sexy tops without the fear of your jugs hitting you in the face as you go about your day.

Ladies, I introduce to you the convertible strapless bra by Fantasie:


This bra not only has a great shape, but it has amazing rubber grippers inside that keep it in place so you don’t have to fidget with it all day long. I am nothing short of dumbfounded as to how great this bra fits and it’s allowed me to expand my top options and not have to worry about how I’m going to hold the girls up!

Here are some tips if you plan to order this bra (or any bra for that matter):

  • Always make sure the center section between the cups of the bra lay flat on your chest. If it doesn’t, that mean it doesn’t fit you correctly!
  • Accept and honor the fact that bra cup sizes go above and beyond DDD. I never knew this until my early 40s!  Where has the 36G been all my life?  It’s seriously life changing to accept the larger cup size.  Try it – you won’t regret it!  Don’t know what size you are?  Use this handy dandy infographic for tips on how to measure for your bra size!

Big busted ladies, rejoice!  This bra is life changing!  Happy Shopping!