May I ask you for a favor?  Would you please do one thing for me that you probably rarely do for yourself (or have ever done for that matter), and take out a piece of paper and pen out and write down 5 physical attributes you love about yourself?  I am narrowing it down to physical attributes because if I asked you to write down five “things” you love about yourself, chances are you’d write about your characteristics.  That’s all fine and well, but it’s a safe answer.  How many times do we actually sit in a mirror and think about the PHYSICAL attributes that we love?  How many times do you tell yourself, “I love my size 16 thighs.  I love my Size 38G breasts!”  Do you see my point?

I’ll start!  Here are the 5 physical attributes I love about myself:HillaryBamont_0711

1.)  My hips:  I was able to carry two beautiful twin boys for 38 1/2 weeks.  One weighed 6lbs. 14oz. when he was born and the other weighed 5lbs. 14oz.  I am convinced it was because God blessed me with child-rearing hips!

2.)  My eyes:  My late husband used to sing me a song by William Michael Morgan called, “I Met a Girl,”  There is a verse in the song that he said was made for me: “I Met a girl with crazy shoes and baby blues.”  He always told me he fell in love with me all over again when I looked at him with my baby blues.  I also remember my father dancing with me when I was little to Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl.”  He would always change the lyrics to “Blue Eyed Girl.”

3.)  My hair:  It’s thick, wavy and there’s a lot of it.  It keeps me warm in the wintertime and it makes me sweat like there’s a blanket on my neck in the summertime.  I just look at it as burning extra calories!

4.)  My smile:  I live by the words, “The prettiest thing you can wear is a smile.”  Nobody will ever call a smiling person unattractive.

5.)  Myself:  I have grown to love it all.  I am a work in progress and it keeps getting better.  Learning to love yourself is the most important thing you can do for yourself.  Learning to love myself was the greatest gift I ever gave myself because it allowed me to see what I deserved.


Dress:  Target

Shoes:  StitchFix

Jewelry:  Stella & Dot