Believe it or not, I absolutely despise shopping malls.  In fact, it is rare for me to walk into a brick and mortar store.  Living in California, the traffic (especially in shopping center parking lots) has become a stressful, daunting task and I just can’t do it anymore.  If I do shop at a store I typically get there right when it opens on a Saturday morning to avoid the crowds, or I shop at smaller boutiques in my local area.    I do most of my shopping online but even that becomes a daunting task if something doesn’t fit right.  Stores don’t make it easy to return items since you have to pack up your returns and ship it yourself.

stitch-and-fixI first heard about Stitch Fix about two years ago from a friend’s post on Facebook.  Picture the heavenly choir singing when I found out there’s a service out there that sends you clothes to your doorstep based on your style preferences.  I was sold immediately and asked, “Where do I sign up?”

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log onto their site to fill out a style profile; the questionnaire provides pictures of different types of outfits and you select whether or not you like or dislike the styles.  Once you are finished completing the questionnaire the site creates a profile based on what your style preferences are.
  2. There is a personal stylist who will curate 5 items in a box each month for you to try based upon your style preferences.  You can even leave the stylists requests each month (i.e., if I’m attending a wedding and I want to try a special occasion dress, I request that in my profile for the upcoming month).
  3. There is a $20 stylist fee that is charged each month.  If you keep any of the items the $20 fee is applied to the bottom line.  If you don’t keep anything, you lose the $20 fee (but I guess that’s the price you pay for a personal stylist!)
  4. You can select the frequency of the shipment (i.e., every month, every 6 months or every 2-3 weeks).
  5. You can also set your budget parameters!
  6. If you buy all five items in the box you receive a 25% discount on the total amount.
  7. They provide a self-addressed stamped bag to return the items you don’t want so all you need to do is stuff it and toss it in the nearest mailbox!

When I received my first box I was a bit disappointed because everything ran small (their sizes only go up to XL or Size 14 which is a huge bummer for the stylish curvy girl).  After a few tries and good communication with my stylist, my Fixes started to be more and more successful and I found myself keeping all five items.  And just recently Stitch Fix started offering shoes (who doesn’t love shoes????)  AND EVEN BETTER NEWS:  STITCH FIX WILL BE OFFERING PLUS SIZES IN THE SPRING OF 2017!  YIPPEE!!!  Below are some tips and tricks for the curvy girl in order to make this awesome service successful for you:

  1. Be very specific in your style profile about the type of fabrics you prefer that are sent to you.  At first, Stitch Fix was sending me polyester tops that had absolutely zero give for my size 36G chest.  I am very clear on the types of fabrics I want sent (i.e., stretchy fabrics or brands that are a bit more forgiving and run bigger).
  2. Once you receive an item that fits well, take note of the brand and request more pieces from that brand or designer.  For example, I find that Daniel Rainn runs bigger so I request any or all items from that designer which has been a big win for me!
  3. Continue to leave feedback about the size and fit of items.  They have an amazing customer service group who really listens to feedback (did I mention they’re adding plus sizes in spring of 2017?  WOO HOO!)

I just received my September Fix and I absolutely loved the cardigan and burgundy jeans that were sent to me (click here to sign up for this great service or see links below):


Fringed Cardigan:  StitchFix

Ankle Zip Jeans:  StitchFix

Ankle Boots:  Freebird Phlow Harness Boots

Fringe Pendant:  Etsy

Photography:  Maas Photo