This past Saturday morning I had an early flight out for a quick business trip.  I left the house and parked in my usual parking lot near the airport.  For the first time in a few weeks, I felt great.  I was happy, and in a good place.  I walked out of the door telling myself, “Today is going to be a great day for you.  Make it happen.”

As I parked my car I was greeted by Eva who I have known for several years.  She is a sweet lady who drives the shuttle bus from the airport parking lot to the terminal.  I always love seeing Eva because she is such a kind, sweet lady who is always happy and wonderful to chat with for the short 4 minutes it takes from Point A to Point B.  Typically, when I take the shuttle for an early morning flight I am the only one on the bus, but on this particular morning there was a strikingly beautiful woman on the shuttle with me.  Typically I keep to myself when I share the bus with strangers, but this woman had an aura about her that just drew me in and I started up a conversation with her.  We started to chat and she had mentioned she was going to a friend’s memorial service in San Diego.  I proceeded to tell her about my husband’s passing and it’s like our paths were destined to cross that morning because of the conversation we had.

She was a very spiritual woman.  She had mentioned a blog that her friend writes called “Dancing on The Dash.”  I am by no means an incredibly religious person, but a lot of her blog posts are wonderful to read.  I respect people’s faith and their beliefs as I now realize that religion and faith is a strong foundation for many where values and their inner peace are seeded deep into the plants of their life.  What resonated with me was the message behind what “Dancing on The Dash” represents.  It’s the dash on someone’s grave between the year they were born and the year they died.  Who would have thought that the dash between those years could be so profound?  She continued to describe how the dash represents how you’re going to live your life in between which I loved and really got me thinking about my late husband.  If there was a dance competition for dancing on your dash, he would have been the reigning champion year over year.  When I look back at his life, he danced the tango, cha cha, waltz, moonwalk, and every other dance you could possibly imagine on that dash.  I am grateful for the dances we shared together and will keep them close to my heart for the rest of my life.

What are you doing to dance on YOUR dash?  Are you going through life with two left feet or are you practicing your moves?  We should all do a little dance once in a great while, even though sometimes it’s scary or filled with “what ifs.”  In the words of Donna Summer, your “Last Dance” could be tonight.  Don’t let that happen.  I promise that no matter how you dance, it will be worth it.

I’m going to try a new dance move.  It’s going to consist of striking up conversations with strangers more often.  You never know the impact of how a conversation with a stranger can bless your life until you try it.  The world is full of wonderful, interesting people.  All you have to do is allow them to dance on your dash with you once a while.