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Red Stiletto Diaries

Red Stiletto Diaries September 20, 2017

“Braving” My Future

It’s been awhile since I last posted (almost 4 months to be exact). So much has happened during the past several months I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll start with where I left off.

I had a great summer because I decided I was going to focus on being present for my boys. There were a lot of distractions from them when my husband passed away and I felt like

Be You, Red Stiletto Diaries May 29, 2017

Never Settle.

It’s Memorial Day. I just came home from a fun girl’s weekend in the Napa Valley, and I’m cuddled up in my bed with a big bottle of water and a fuzzy head from a weekend full of laughs, lots of wine and nothing but good, old-fashioned girlfriend time.

Red Stiletto Diaries May 7, 2017

Checking off the Bucket List

It’s the morning after the Kentucky Derby and I’m sitting in Louisville in a charming little Southern home my girlfriends and I rented for Derby Weekend. I am enjoying my coffee on the deck on a beautiful sunny morning in Louisville as I try to take in the beauty this amazing morning must offer. There’s not a cloud in the sky and there is a crisp, cool breeze that’s whisking by. I tilt me head back, let the breeze pass and take in the warmth of the Sunday morning sunshine that’s beaming down on my face.

Red Stiletto Diaries April 20, 2017

One Year Later

April. It’s a month that is symbolic of emergence and growth. It’s the month that takes us out of the dark, dreary months of winter and provides us with a prelude of the light and warmth that is ahead of us in the summer months. A year ago, I would have thought this to be totally false,

Red Stiletto Diaries March 26, 2017

Moving On

It’s been awhile since my last blog post and to say I have been busy and overwhelmed would be an understatement. Next month will mark the 1-year anniversary of my husband’s passing, and looking back upon the past 11 months so much has changed since he said goodbye to me for the very last time on the morning of April 29, 2016.

Red Stiletto Diaries February 15, 2017

Dating Disasters

I remember the night vividly. It was a weekend in December right before the holiday and my friends, their husbands and I got together for our annual Christmas dinner. We typically celebrate at a local restaurant and this year would be my first time without my husband.

Fashion + Style, Red Stiletto Diaries January 1, 2017

New Horizons

I am so happy that 2016 is behind me, but most importantly I made it through a lot of “firsts,” including the holidays. I knew Christmastime was going to be tough because there were so many new traditions my late husband and I made for our children throughout the past several years.