Fashion + Style, Red Stiletto Diaries January 1, 2017

New Horizons

I am so happy that 2016 is behind me, but most importantly I made it through a lot of “firsts,” including the holidays. I knew Christmastime was going to be tough because there were so many new traditions my late husband and I made for our children throughout the past several years.

Red Stiletto Diaries December 22, 2016

You Will Always Exist to Me

My late husband and I were a few of the fortunate people who could say they were born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. We both grew up in a suburban town just a few miles south of San Francisco and saying that we took it for granted is an understatement.

Red Stiletto Diaries November 21, 2016

Gratitude is the Best Attitude

As we enter this week, many of us will be experiencing joy and gratitude in many different ways: Kids coming home from college, family getting together for the holidays, bountiful feasts on the table and so much more. I will be one of those people focusing on what I am grateful for because it’s what has provided some of the strength and comfort to help me overcome what I’ve lost this year.